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October CMS - Laraval

проект не выполнен

This project is for office internal use. Service provider will add services and service buyer will contact the service provider. There will be service page to manage services, order page to manage orders, gallery page to upload photos, service browse pages.

I am listing the main tasks:

  • Integrate 6 html files into OctoberCMS theme or any CMS that provides CRUD (user roles)
  • User registration using phone verification (sinch.com)
  • Integrating Google Places for location
  • Ensure multiple language, multiple currency, notifications (some are inbuilt OctoberCMS)
  • Hosting server, HTML, JS, CSS template files will be provided


  1. 1 день6 000 ₴
    Владимир Бартош
     160   2  0   2

    Ok, i saw you cant find somone for this job. Ok, mabe not in this year. Try little later.

    Украина Киев | 18 августа в 00:07 |
  2. 3 дня6 000 ₴Победившая ставка
    Dmitriy S
     119   0  1   1

    Hello, can help with this project, work in webdevelopment more than 4 years!
    my telegram @gooddimoh

    Украина Киев | 18 августа в 11:59 |