Danil Ukrainskiy

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Казахстан Темиртау, Казахстан
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I'm Danil.

I am 26 years old

I have been shooting and editing for more than 5 years. Originally from Kazakhstan. I am ready to work and create new works.

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200 USDRevelation 2/16. Mafia . * The City Is Falling Asleep*.

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Revelation 2/16. Mafia . * The City Is Falling Asleep*.

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A new music video is expected to be shot in the near future. We will be glad to surprise you all.And you will appreciate us)

A song from the artist * Revelation 2/16* .

Instagram https://instagram.com/jesus_city_ur?i ...

listen to songs and releases on other sites https://band.link/da5LC